With this offering, 10-12 people will participate in a private wine tasting and food pairing at The Aspen Lane Wine Company’s winery, located in east Aurora.  The Aspen Lane Wine Company not only is a working winery, but a showcase of inspired art crafted by members of the disability community.  The winery is proud to display 12 large art pieces that have been created by children and adults who are resilient and successfully overcoming their disabilities every day.   

While enjoying the artwork, the individuals will be able to sample nine different wines, spanning the spectrum from off-dry white to a bold red.  They will learn how to taste wine and discover the underlying flavors in each varietal.  They will also be able to experience the art of wine pairing by tasting tempting hors d’oeuvres created by the winery’s private chef; yes, they will get nine small plate appetizers paired with nine wines! 

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Aspen Lane Wine Company is proud to be working with Comfort ‘n Spice Personal Chef Service for our events.  Lean more about Comfort ‘n Spice Personal Chef Service by clicking here.

"There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk."

M. F. K. Fisher