As an accomplished home winemaker, Bob Evanosky had the idea of combining his love of making wine with creating a business that would provide a sustainable source of income to a select group of nonprofit organizations.  Driven by the transformational experiences of his own family, Bob wanted to support nonprofits who were serving children and adults with a variety of disabilities.

Nonprofit partners are identified through their missions of service


These “partner nonprofits” are the core of Aspen Lane Wine Company’s mission.  While each plays a different role in our communities, each partner is changing lives and providing opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages.  These are dynamic and creative organizations who go above and beyond every day to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

With each bottle of wine purchased, a significant donation is made to

each nonprofit partner


By bringing the opportunity directly to the individuals and families already supporting the “partner nonprofits”, and allowing the wine to act as a catalyst to attract new donors to the nonprofit, Bob has built an engine that will continue to provide support for years to come.  Unlike a typical fundraiser or donation, purchasing wine from the Aspen Lane Wine Company will provide a continuous source of funds to each partner nonprofit as a portion of sales from each wine bottle will go to the wine buyer’s designated partner charity.  


Sustainable income will grow the nonprofit and enhance services


Sourcing grapes from the top wine producing region of Walla Walla, Washington, Aspen Lane Wine Company is a Chicagoland winery producing high-quality wines with remarkable flavor and reliable drinkability.  By producing wines that appeal to a wide variety of people regardless of taste preferences, Aspen Lane Wine Company has a wine that each person can enjoy.  Aspen Lane Wine Company seeks to create consistent wine taste profiles from year-to-year, so if you like one vintage, you will enjoy the following year’s vintage just as much.


High quality wine meets high quality nonprofit partners


"The wine is the fruit of our cultivation with our nonprofit partners... and the wine is good."

Aloysius Scabilitious, circa 2015