The Aspen Lane Wine Company was started to not only provide a reliable income stream to our partner charities but also to help our partner charities grow and educate the public about their missions through the sale of our wine.  ALHWPP does exactly that. 

The program’s design will differ slightly depending on the size of the partner but for the most part the concept is the same.  Working with the winery, the partner charity will identify individuals that currently support the partner organizations such as staff members, current donors, or members of the Board of Directors.  Once identified, the individual is asked to host a “wine tasting” at their homes twice a year (we think the best time would be during February and October) with the idea that they invite 10-15 friends who know very little about the mission of the charity.  The second party would be the same, expanding the circle of friends.

Well in advance of the event, the winery would send a “starter kit” to the host; the kit’s purpose would be to educate the host about the wines but more importantly provide talking points about the charity and how the charity is benefiting as a result of the party!  The night of the party, the guests would taste through the various wines, have the opportunity to buy individual bottles and also be able to join one of the eight levels of wine club membership.  These small, intimate events benefit the partner charity in a couple of ways; revenue generation as well as the dissemination of the charity’s mission/cause to individuals that knew nothing about the charity prior to the event.  Please be aware that the Aspen Lane Wine Company will continue to educate that same individual (now our customer) about the charity’s future activities through our own marketing platform found on our website as well. The net result is that the partner charity has gained a new supporter who can/may support their program above and beyond the purchase of wine from Aspen Lane.


For more information on each of the opportunities, click on the links below:

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"Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine."

Charles Dickens